I’ll make you think, then I’ll make you laugh. And If the joke sucks, I’ll make you think you’re laughing..

— Rodney Ramsey —

RODNEY RAMSEY has made a name for himself across the country as comedian, actor, writer and producer. He is a veteran of  Just for Laughs performing in three festivals during his career. Rodney has appeared in multiple commercials and is most notable for his role in the TV drama 24 hour Rental and the Jesse Owens bio pic “Race” to be released in theatres 2016. Rodney has also written and performed on CBC’s The Debaters and This Hour has 22 Minutes. As a film director Rodney gained international notoriety with the web series Language Police which appeared on several television channels including France’s Canal Plus. He also is the creator the Underground Comedy Railroad, Canada’s only and longest running annual diversity stand up comedy tour.





The East Coast Diversity Tour

The Drunken Show

The UCR Show

The Anonymous Comedy Show

Montreal Confidential

Comedy Dogs




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